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Leben in Deutschland test

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Leben in Deutschland Test or Einbürgerungstest
What is Leben in Deutschland test or Einbürgerungstest or Naturalisation test?

Leben in Deutschland test or Einbürgerungstest is a mandatory examination for those who want to apply for Permanent Residence (Niederlassungserlaubnis) German citizenship and to complete the German Integration course. This test is designed to evaluate the applicant's knowledge of German culture, laws, politics and history. The test was introduced in 2008 as part of the changes made to the Citizenship Act.


Germany tax clases
German tax classes (Steuerklassen) explained. Find your tax class.

Germany's tax system comprises of different tax classes which plays an important role to calculate the amount of income tax a household or an individual is liable to pay. There are 6 tax classes in total and each class is corresponds to a particular tax rate that helps to determine the percentage of tax applicable to a person's income.


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